Tibetan Buddhist teachings say that in one moment of anger we can burn up lifetimes of merit. Aversion, anger and aggression can be some of the most painful and difficult emotions of life. Yet they also hold great potential. The Buddhist Tantras regard anger as a potential doorway to immaculate clarity and fierce kindness. This teaching explores the transformation of sharp, wrathful destructive energies through the study of the five elements, the Vajra family and Vajra Dakini symbols of immaculate clarity and total presence. This is a teaching on harnessing and transforming the most powerful emotions in life. *This class is part of a five course series on mind, emotions and modes of being, each class explores one aspect of the five elements, the five wisdoms and the six realms based on the Blessings and Wisdoms of the Five Dakinis and the Purification of the Six Realms from the Jeweled Garland of Chod.

This webcast will also be joyously hosted by the Berkeley Mahasiddha Center! You are welcome to join the webcast viewing and being together for these rare teachings. Contact Tsalgyur for more information: bkgompa@ngakpa.org