Ngakpa International is proud to support fundraising efforts for CED (Children’s Education and Development) and GIFT (Girls Institute for Technology).
In 2000, three Tibetan brothers, all Buddhist monks, made an extended pilgrimage to Mustang and Dolpo, remote Himalayan regions of Nepal that border Tibet. After seeing first hand the plight of many children in the villages, they decided to reach out and help these children. They opened a safe home and created a non-profit institute, CED (Children’s Education and Development). The monks’ family made a donation of a 25,000 square foot plot of land in Dehradun.

  • CED and GIFT’s mission is to provide a caring, positive environment and modern education for orphans, destitute, and underprivileged children of the Himalayan border regions without regard to race, religion, or caste.
  • Our goal is to rescue more abandoned children from the high mountains. Eventually we would like to provide employment for these children as nurses, doctors and teachers. We are seeking your support to offer opportunities to these children.
  • We give at-risk Himalayan children an opportunity to live in a caring, family-run home in Dehradun. The children attend the well-regarded Doon Public Academy convent school. The children may decide to return to their original homes as adults to work towards improving the lives of other needy children in the border regions.

Pictures from Lama Tenzin’s 2010 Rescue Trek to the Dolpo