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Ongoing study of Buddhism is a potent way to find inspiration, clarity and reset your mindset. Over the long term, dharma study has an extraordinary result – it changes the way we see our world and opens us to a sense of natural goodness.

A dynamic, full and complex life is not the antithesis of serious dharma study. In the past, serious study required learning a foreign language, quitting one’s job to do extended retreat, travel to foreign countries along with all its perils of illness, high expenses and dubious access.

But the power of modern technology breaks through these obstacles. It is possible to deepen one’s understanding of Buddhist philosophy, develop a rich and enduring practice – right in the midst of our lives, right where we are. It is possible to make enduring personal connections with Buddhist teachers and community – online.

Pema Khandro Rinpoche has spent many thousands of hours providing teachings and courses online – to bring in-depth Buddhist training straight to you – right where you are.

This includes our ground breaking course – Vajrayana Training which is meets twice a month online.

and her course for serious students, the Ngakpa Seminary.

Mindful of our commitment to make Buddhist teachings as accessible as possible -in addition to our ongoing online courses led live by Pema Khandro Rinpoche,
We also have three extraordinary courses for you to take online at your own pace!

Buddhism As A Way of Life
with Pema Khandro Rinpoche

This class offers six modules to introduce the path of Tibet’s Buddhist Yogis.
Class 1 (1 hr) – Tibetan Buddhism and its roots
Class 2 (1.5 hrs) – Courage & Inspiration
Class 3 (1.75 hrs) – A Buddhist Yogi’s Code of Honor
Class 4 (1.5 hrs) – Relationships
Class 5 (1.75 hrs) – Embodied experience
Class 6 (1.5 hrs) – Regular practices

Study online at your own pace with Pema Khandro Here:


Sutra, Tantra, and Dzogchen
with Pema Khandro Rinpoche

Does the study of Buddhism sometimes leave you overwhelmed with questions and contradictions? What is emptiness really? What is enlightenment? Is the goal of the path to transcend or show up? Why are there sometimes contradicting messages in different Buddhist books? What is Buddhist Tantra and what is its relationship to Dzogchen?

Enjoy one of Pema Khandro Rinpoche’s most popular courses, listened to repeatedly by students around the world. For those who love Buddhist Philosophy and wish to know more, this is the class for you!

“Because we are in the information age when a wide variety of Buddhist teachings are published in books, articles, and taught in courses – it can be confusing how all these notions fit together. This course seeks to remedy that. It helps to clarify which principles apply when, why and to whom. Therefore a study like this simplifies and clarifies the path. It organizes Buddhist thought in terms of history, philosophical vehicle and tradition to clarify the answers to the big questions…”

Buddhist Philosophy from the Perspective of the Great Perfection, Part 1:

Class 1 – 1hr 30min
Class 2  – 1hr 47min
Class 3  – 1hr 37min

Buddhist Philosophy from the Perspective of the Great Perfection, Part 2:

Class 1 – 1hr 36min
Class 2  – 1hr 46min

Study online at your own pace with Pema Khandro Here:


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