Join Us for Community Nights: Buddhist Meditation & Tsok
2nd Sundays, 5-6p Meditation & 6-7p Tsok (Potluck)

Join us for meditation, mantras, smoke offering ritual, tsok (vegetarian potluck) & other community events. These evenings are an opportunity to learn more about the non-celibate, life-embracing path of Tibetan Buddhism’s Nyingma lineage, and connect with our vibrant community.


MahaSiddha Center
2929 Roosevelt Ave, Richmond CA 94804

Residents practice meditation together each morning. Throughout the rest of the day, residents carry on with their ordinary lives, attending to jobs, families and their creative endeavors. The daily practice of meditation is a life-transforming experience. Yet maintaining that commitment is not always easy when our lives and schedules are not oriented around sitting meditation. Our residential program is oriented around daily group meditation practice for working people with full schedules. Residents meet five days a week for group practice, individual practice is pursued on the weekends.

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