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Upcoming WebClass on Desire & Fulfillment in Tibetan Buddhism

With Pema Khandro Rinpoche
March 15, 2014 ~ 10am – 4pm


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In some Buddhist philosophies, desire is renounced but in Buddhist Tantra, desire can be used as a tremendous aid to the path. Desire has the potential to be experienced as appreciation of our connection with the world. It has the potential to be experienced as a reflection of limitless compassion and the preciousness of everything that is. But Desire can also lead to an endless series of disappointments whenever we are expecting something from those desires that they cannot provide. It can lead to grasping and clinging, the mind that suffers endlessly. This teaching explores the Buddhist views of desire and the method of working with desire through the study of the five elements and what is known as the Padma family, Padma Dakini, embodiments of enlightened passion. *This class is part of a five course series on mind, emotions and modes of being, each class explores one aspect of the five elements, the five wisdoms and the six realms based on the Blessings and Wisdoms of the Five Dakinis and the Purification of the Six Realms from the Jeweled Garland of Chod. 

This webcast will be joyously hosted by the Berkeley Mahasiddha Center! Please join us in being together for these rare teachings. Contact Tsalgyur for more information:

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Losar Greeting from Pema Khandro

2014O_Losar_NgakpaDear Friends,

Losar Tashi Delegs – happiness and auspicious good fortune to you!

On March 2nd, we celebrated Losar, the Tibetan lunar new year. For this occasion, if I had to give some words of wisdom in a very pithy way, I would remind myself and all of us of བྱང་ཆུག་སེམས་ – bodhichitta. Bodhichitta is a Buddhist term with many meanings. Ultimately it refers to pure and total presence. It is the awakened heart and the aspiration for oneself and others to be free from sorrow. It is the impulse for awakening. May we all find bodhichitta. May we know it. May we cultivate it. May we find clarity by measuring our decisions according to what expands it. May we rest into it.

We have had a beautiful year full of many changes and now we look forward to the Tibetan year of the wood horse in order to gallop forward in celebration of the Ngakpa tradition of Buddhist Yogis.

May the lunar new year lead to unfolding joy and wisdom for you, your family, friends and communities…for our great family of all beings, may there be freedom from sorrow.

Happy Losar,
Pema Khandro


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