Many thanks to everyone who put the retreat together this weekend! Thank you to Lobsang for sponsoring lodging for Rinpoche. Thank you to Satya for Directing the School and the weekends events. Thank you to Dedzin, Choying, Malika, Dawa, and Tsalgyur for contributing to Outreach. Thank you to Aruna and Chandala for managing the finances of our non-profit organization. Thank you to Joslyn for being the lead of the catering for the retreat. Thank you to Asher, Max, Namtak, Sorcha for being the catering assistants. Thank you to those who volunteered: Boo, Lehkyi, Fajun, and Zoe. Special thanks to Jayananda for washing the windows, and being a big part of kitchen sega. Thank you to Rinpoche’s assistants, Aruna, Malika. Thank you to Ray for overseeing the technology and media revolution and making webcast available. Thank you to Satya, Mikyo and Chhimed for helping with Registration. Thank you to Mikyo, Ray and Ganga for taking pictures. Thank you for Khalden and Drimed for managing Seva. Thank you to Tsalgyur for enlisting retreat personnel and managing the Berkeley Gompa. Thank you Namtak and Drimmed for Lettuce! Thank you Mikyo for filling in on every area so heroically! Thank you to the residents for hosting the retreat: Serena, Matt, Campbell, Tsalgyur, Darius, Whitney, Max, Brett, and Namtak. Special thanks for Darius for graciously offering his room so Sangha meetings could happen. Thank you to Derrick for being a Bodhisattva and taking care of so many sangha members. Thank you for entertaining us Janak, Asha, Dedzin, Drimed, Khalden, Namtak, Aruna, Kundini, Phoenix, and Satya for hosting the Award Ceremony and Celebration.Thank you to Tsalgyur and Aruna for assisting Rinpoche on Monday morning. Thank you to Dedzin and Aruna for transporting Rinpoche back and forth.