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The Challenge of the Path

The challenge of the path is that our own confusion makes sense to us. Our mind-trips are very convincing to us, even if they are neurotic and cause dissatisfaction and suffering. Our conditioned scripts are very compelling to us. We … More


In the beginning of the path, our capacity to keep commitments is impaired. We may pledge to never choose that same kind of relationship again, but then find ourselves in it. We may pledge to never be angry or mean … More

Can’t get no Satisfaction

Buddhism is based on the observation that most people’s lives are plagued by dissatisfaction, where things are not as fulfilling as they could be (dukha). At best, this shows up as an awckwardness or a feeling that life isn’t what … More

You Will Never Have it Together

My favorite Buddhist lecture I ever heard started with, “You will never have it all together.” Our whole lives may be spent trying to grasp onto an inherent reality, some thing some it that would finally be our real lives…The day that we could finally relax … More


Indrabhuti, the MahaSiddha Politician, refused to leave his kingdom, refused to renounce the world, and refused to give up desire for dharma. Indrabhuti, King of Odiyana, with great devotion and respect, asked Buddha to give him a dharma teaching where … More