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The Challenge of the Path

The challenge of the path is that our own confusion makes sense to us. Our mind-trips are very convincing to us, even if they are neurotic and cause dissatisfaction and suffering. Our conditioned scripts are very compelling to us. We … More


In Buddhism, the quality of our lives are what are known as form and emptiness – the dynamic two-in-one expressions of existence. Our experience is made up of security and insecurity, permanence and impermanence, pattern and chaos, continuity and discontinuity, … More

The Un-Altered State

We spend most of our lives in an altered state, caught up in mind trips, conditioned scripts and habitual patterns. This path returns us to the unaltered state, which is known as realizing our Buddha-nature or finding enlightenment.   Enlightenment … More

Haters and Who They ‘Really’ Are

Written by Pema Khandro, in 2007 “Suddenly my image of the innocence, wisdom and beauty of that Master was sullied by his potty-mouth.”   I have heard Ayurvedists denounce certain others as false, incompetent Ayurvedists. I have heard Yoga teachers denounce … More

Facing Threat

It was 2003 when we had our last public Chod Retreat. We didn’t know it, but by the time we began, a raging wild fire had already been consuming the city for four or five devastating hours. We were in the desert … More

Trust Run Wild

I’ve heard that Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche once gave a teaching called, “Trust Run Wild.” I wasn’t there. I don’t know what he taught. But I was struck by the title and have had my own ideas about what such a … More

Joy, Sorrow & Everyday Warriorship

We often think of heroism as something that occurs in moments of grave overt crisis, as if the edge of life and death are met only in moments of high drama, quite set apart from daily life. But in Buddhism, … More

You Will Never Have it Together

My favorite Buddhist lecture I ever heard started with, “You will never have it all together.” Our whole lives may be spent trying to grasp onto an inherent reality, some thing some it that would finally be our real lives…The day that we could finally relax … More