Sustaining and Sharing the Tradition of Buddhist Yogis

Ngakpa Intl is an international association of Buddhist Yogis founded by Pema Khandro. Its centers, clinics and schools celebrate and disseminate the tradition of Buddhist Yogis, the non-celibate, life-embracing path of non-monastic Buddhism.

This vibrant community of Buddhist Yogis celebrates and disseminates the history, philosophy and practices of Tibetan Buddhism’s Nyingma & Kagyu Ngakpa lineage, with a dedication to cultivating both spiritual intelligence and natural health. Ngakpa Intl. offers the rare opportunity for accessible, in-depth education focused on the specialties of Buddhist Yogis – Chod, Natural Medicine, Tibetan Yoga and Dzogchen, Buddhism’s most treasured paths to cultivating clarity, presence and intrinsic wisdom.

Our activities include community led meditation classes, group retreats, ongoing phone and web-cast courses, and seminary for advanced study.

Our projects include: a clinic, two residential urban centers, research to preserve the history and culture of Ngakpas, support of Ngakpa schools worldwide and sponsoring orphans in the Himalayan border regions.

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