Father Francis Tiso

Father Tiso is a theologian and scholar who specializes in inter-religious dialogue between Tibetan Buddhism and Catholicism. He is a Catholic priest, writer and professor at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. His research has included the great Tibetan Yogi, Milarepa and the subject of miraculous death in Tibetan Buddhist thought – the rainbow body.. He is the author of the book “Rainbow Body and Resurrection,” which includes insights into the geographical connections between Dzogchen and religions across Central Asia.

Events with Father Francis Tiso

Bardo Teachings - Self Paced Course
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Teachings on Death and Dying Facing realities of dying, death, and grief are central to our human experience. This program offers practical instructions for helping others in the process of dying and an overview of essential knowledge on death, bardo, and rebirth. This includes self-paced lectures on dying, loss, grief, and illness from Lamas and scholars of Buddhist Studies.   Support the Buddhist Studies Institute by donating for these precious teachings. Your contribution, big and small, helps makes in-depth Buddhist training and education more accessible for all. May the teachings spread and flourish!