Five Elements Retreat: The Ground of Being

May 24, 2014

Date and Time Details: May 24th, 10am - 6pm

Location: Mahasiddha Center

Address: 2328 Channing Way Berkeley CA 94704

The class focuses on the Earth Element and it’s transformation of insecurity and self obsession, into intrinsic pride, power and dignity. Buddhism offers a path to intrinsic confidence without fixed identity. It offers the sense of stability, grounded-ness and authenticity that people search for when looking for a “self,” while diminishing the self-obsessed patterns of arrogance and insecurity. Pointing to a sense of innate richness, this teaching explores the keys to going beyond controlling and territorial strategies into authentic power and confidence through the study of the five elements, Ratna family and Ratna Dakini. *This class is part of a five course series on mind, emotions and modes of being, each class explores one aspect of the five elements, the five wisdoms and the six realms based on the Blessings and Wisdoms of the Five Dakinis and the Purification of the Six Realms from the Jeweled Garland of Chod.

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  • $165.00 – General Tuition
  • $150.00 – Member Tuition