Karma & the Six Realms: A Buddhist Psychology of Awakening

May 22, 2014

Date and Time Details: Thursday May 22 at 7:30 pm

Location: Santa Cruz, CA

Address: Pacific Cultural Center - 1307 Seabright Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062

Expose the causes of suffering & confusion, which lie within your reality habits, thoughts and mind states. This profound teaching reveals with precision the blocks, self-deceptions and conditioned patterns that bind us. The six realms describe the six reality habits or un-enlightened mind states that compose cyclic existence, the relentless cycles of unconsciousness, confusion and suffering known as samsara. Such a study is a key to Vajrayana Buddhism since karmic patterns only manifest because they are not recognized as what they are. The six realms teachings reveal these patterns, how and why they arise, exploring in depth what is karma, how it manifests and how to be free of it. Study of the six realms will change the way you look at your mind, your life and your spiritual path. It will illuminate the most accessible path to the brilliant sanity found right where you are, working with your own mind. An extraordinary transmission on the nature of mind, emotion, reality and relationship with all things, the Six Realms teachings is one that all serious practitioners of dharma will not want to miss. Based on the Purification of the Six Realms from the Jeweled Garland of Chod and Kuntuzangpo’s Aspiration Prayer.

No one ever turned away for lack of funds.