Suggested donation – $21.00 - $108.00

No one turned away for lack of funds. All are welcome!

Date & Time Details: 7pm

Tsal'gyur Dorje
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White Tara Tsok Fundraiser & Birthday Celebration for Pema Khandro

With His Eminence Gyaldak Rinpoche

December 18, 2018

Join the joyful Community of Buddhist Yogis in Berkeley for an evening of Prayer, Practice and Celebration in honor of our Lama Pema Khandro Rinpoche’s Birthday!

Pema Khandro is the founder of Ngakpa Intl, Ngakpa House and co-founder of the Yogic Medicine Institute. Her greatest birthday wish is to realize the dream of Dakini Mountain, a place to journey into the experience of intrinsic goodness, to have experiences of bliss and well-being in one’s body and mind. This future retreat center will be a resource for our community to offer such experiences as our service to a world which is full of weariness and discord.

There are many ways to participate in helping make Pema Khandro’s Birthday wish come true!

Donate to Dakini Mountain and/or volunteer, attend in person, and/or sponsor a candle for yourself, your loved ones, and others. (Prayers will be made for those persons by name and the accumulation of mantras will be dedicated to helping them. Candle Sponsorship is $9 -108 per person.)  Contact Tsal’gyur for location details or more info.

We are so fortunate to welcome Gyaldak Rinpoche, who will be presiding and offering White Tara Meditation, mantras for World Peace and our loved ones, and a Tsok* ceremony on behalf of Pema Khandro.

*Please bring a favorite vegetarian dish to share for the Tsok, with an ingredient list for those with allergies. Thank you!


His Eminence Gyaldak Rinpoche
His Eminence Gyaldak Rinpoche is head of Drub Tashi Dhargey Cholkor Dechenling Monastery. In the lineage of the great Yogi Milarepa, Rinpoche was recognized as the tulku (reincarnation) of one of the three main disciples of Gampopa – Dorje Gyalpo. This recognition was conferred by the great Nyingma Yogi Sera Yangtrul, Sakya Dawa Sangpo and Taklung Matrul Rinpoche. Rinpoche lived in Tibet until 1991 and was taught by the Karmapa, the Dalai Lama and Chatral Rinpoche and he came to the US in 2005. Gyaldak Rinpoche’s father was the a Kagyu and Nyingma practitioner who was the student of the…
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