Vajrayana Training 2 – Course of Study:

  • Emptiness
  • Self, No-Self and Identity in Buddhism
  • The Goal of the Path
  • Intrinsic Purity: Tantra, Conduct & the 5 Precepts
  • Savoring the Flavor of Experience: Tantra, Conduct & the 5 Precepts
  • The Inevitability of Death and the Vow to Help Beings: Tantra, Conduct & the 5 Precepts
  • 2 Truths & the Lie of Duality: Tantra, Conduct & the 5 Precepts
  • Ethics in an Ambiguous World: Tantra, Conduct & the 5 Precepts
  • Ngondro 1
  • Ngondro 2
  • Ngondro 3
  • Ngondro 4

Course includes:

  • One hour LIVE training class with Pema Khandro via webcast, You also receive the recording via email.
  • Optional monthly sessions with your personal Dharma instructor via phone or Skype.
  • Membership in N.I. with the privilege of discounts, newsletters, and private meetings with Rinpoche.
  • Member Events and Sacred Service. 

Instructor Support: 

The supportive group environment allows for engaging with practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism, which fosters the experience of genuine and long-lasting change. Working monthly with Dharma Instructors, will help answer your questions and support your integration of this life-changing information that is rarely explained in depth.