The ‘higher education’ that every person should have;
Essential skills to navigate the practical challenges of everyday life.

This course focuses on the basic skills of being a human being, the education we were never taught in school but make use of everyday.

Its impossible to engage with the full scope of Buddhist teachings and community without being well  prepared with life skills. Furthermore, to practice Vajrayana requires spiritual maturity and a hearty sense of personal responsibility and capability.

This is a course run by the Community of Buddhist Yogis in order to set the tone for an open-hearted, intelligent, sane community which is equipped with the skillful means to navigate practical issues of daily life.

Spirituality does not have to be about checking out;
instead it can be a matter of showing up to life more fully.

-Pema Khandro

The course takes place in three month modules and focuses on practical secular skills such as: interpersonal communication skills, conflict resolution, time management, conscious speech, resolving past mistakes, transforming emotions, cultivating compassion and more… all informed by a Buddhist perspective.

Also known as “practitioner training,” the curriculum was created by  Pema Khandro and taught to her students for over a decade. She has now passed on the teaching of the course to her students who lead the course in their local communities.

The format of the course consists of lectures, interactive classes and weekly exercises with other students.

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